The Mother Tree Project (MTP) stands at the forefront of regenerative forestry research, addressing the urgent need to safeguard and steward British Columbia’s forests amidst escalating threats from global climate change.

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About Mother Trees

Icon for tree connections
Trees are connected

Through their research, Dr. Simard and others have discovered that trees are connected below-ground via a vast fungal network.

Icon for trees sharing resources
Trees communicate and share resources

Trees use the mycorrhizal network that connects them together to send and receive chemical messages to one another.

Mother Trees and the Forest

Icon for forest community
Trees are part of a large, interconnected community

Trees interact with their own and other species, including forming kin relationships with their genetic relatives.

Icon for hot dry climate
Tree regeneration is more dependent on connections in drier climates

As forests become stressed, seedlings are more dependent on mycorrhizal networks for establishment and survival.

Icon for biodiversity
Forests where the natural connections between trees are maintained should help enhance regeneration, support biodiversity, and conserve carbon storage

About the Mother Tree Project

Watch this short film produced by filmmaker Bill Heath to learn more about the Mother Tree Project.



The Mother Tree Project explores how connections and communication between trees, particularly below-ground connections between Douglas-fir Mother Trees and seedlings, could influence forest recovery and resilience following various harvesting and regeneration treatments. The project was designed to explore these relationships across different climates, in order to understand how climate change could influence these processes and affect the outcomes of the treatments.

Dr. Suzanne Simard in the forest looking up a tree
Dr. Suzanne Simard and Jean Roach


Led by Dr. Suzanne Simard, forest ecology professor at the University of British Columbia, the Mother Tree Project brings together academia, government, forestry companies, research forests, community forests and First Nations to identify and design successful forest renewal practices.

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