Three replicate locations were selected in the UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest; one in each of the Interior Douglas-fir, Interior Cedar-Hemlock, and Sub-boreal Spruce biogeoclimatic zones. The latter location was burned by a wildfire one year before logging, but it was still possible to apply the range of harvesting treatments. The research forest is located east of Williams Lake in the Cariboo Region of south-central British Columbia. Dominant and codominant trees averaged 82 years of age when the forests were logged. Average site index of Douglas-fir, and stand basal area and volume were moderate compared to the other locations. The stands averaged about 85% Douglas-fir with spruce, lodgepole pine, subalpine fir and paper birch present in minor amounts. Subalpine fir was present in the understory of the cedar-hemlock stand. Understory plant cover was typically lush and diverse in the ICH and less-so in the other two replicates. Soils were predominantly loam and clay loam Luvisols.