Teresa Ryan

Dr. Teresa Ryan Smhayetsk was born into the Gitlan tribe of the Tsimshian Nation. Her research is motivated by her Aboriginal Tsimshian heritage and the guidance provided by her Grandfather to become a fisheries scientist.

She completed her PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. Her research has focused primarily on increasing the profile and appropriate use of Ancestral Knowledge systems in sustainable management of natural resources. Her PhD dissertation is an Aboriginal perspective of Aboriginal economy with evaluation of the eco-socio linkages associated to the eulachon “Grease” producing region in north-central coastal BC.

Her current research investigates salmon fishing technology and strategies that were used to increase abundance and maintain salmon biological diversity while contributing marine-derived nitrogen to healthy coastal forests.

She is currently a Teaching and Learning Fellow in the Forest and Conservation Sciences department in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC in Vancouver.

Teresa is a cedar basket weaver, learning Tsimshian cedar weaving from her Mother Bilhaam ne’ex Loa Ryan. Together they have taught several classes in traditional weaving styles

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