Dr. Suzanne Simard Teaching New UBC Course Offering Climate Crisis Solutions

Photo of Dr. Suzanne Simard

Dr. Suzanne Simard is finding new ways to empower citizen scientists with answers to climate challenges. Starting in January 2024, Dr. Simard and her teaching team will roll out a new UBC online course that showcases how forests can provide natural solutions to climate change and social well-being.

“This course will cover how we can build better relationships between Western and Indigenous science. It will address how we need to get ahead of climate change by recognizing Indigenous Nations need to be leading all stewardship efforts. Students will hear how we need to work together to restore, recover and protect our forests so that they can go back to absorbing more carbon from the atmosphere, thereby mitigating climate change by as much as one third,” says Simard.

“It’s really for anybody who ever felt overwhelmed by the many climate extremes we are seeing happen right outside our doorsteps and felt a need to investigate what we can do for future generations.”

The course is tailored to current UBC Students who do not necessarily have a background in scientific study or forestry and is also open to members of the public, who can apply under UBC’s non-degree studies program in order to be granted course access eligibility.

Find out more about the online course and how to apply here.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Suzanne Simard Teaching New UBC Course Offering Climate Crisis Solutions

  1. NAGIRLEY says:

    I am in Brazil, in a region known as the “drought polygon” in the northern part of the state of Minas Gerais. My hipothesis is that regenerating the forest and implementing agroforestey systems will improve the water resources. We have some landowners whor are interested in the process and are making parts of their land availables for the experiments. Indeed embarking on this journey will come with many challengrs and obstacles.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I bet this course will be incredibly insightful. Unfortunately, I am not a Canadian citizen, which is a UBC pre-requisite to enroll as a senior citizen, non-student. Perhaps this course will roll out on some Master Class platform in the future.

  3. Sara Wright says:

    I am a naturalist and a writer with the PHD in ethology whose love for trees extends back to my childhood – I am 78 – Finding the Mother tree confirmed life-time intuitions and I am a forever learner who lives in Maine. I live on a fixed income but would be so interested in taking this course if it is offered again.

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