Mother Tree Network Launches New Website to Foster Regenerative Forest Stewardship

The Mother Tree Project (MTP) is excited to announce the launch of our partner, the Mother Tree Network’s (MTN), new website. This significant milestone marks a key part of the MTN strategy to promote forest health and the importance of forests as natural climate solutions worldwide.

MTN works to advance the understanding of forest ecosystems and biodiversity in broad audiences, highlighting the critical role of Mother Trees and regenerative practices, and ensuring forest stewardship efforts are Indigenous-led. By invitation from Indigenous communities, and in a unique partnership with MTP, they co-design research and apply scientific information to support communities in making decisions about their forests.

Still in its early stages, the MTN website will become an innovative platform offering cutting-edge research and educational content, community resources, and other special features to meet the urgent need to safeguard and steward forests amidst escalating threats from global climate change.

Founder and president of the MTN board, Dr. Suzanne Simard is a professor of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia, where she has been leading the MTP since 2015. The MTP is a groundbreaking research initiative exploring innovative strategies for enhancing carbon storage, protecting biodiversity, and promoting forest regeneration in a rapidly changing environment. Dr. Simard is also the author of Finding the Mother Tree, an international bestseller translated into more than 18 languages worldwide.

“The launch of the Mother Tree Network website marks a significant milestone in our efforts to promote forest conservation, Indigenous-led land stewardship, and sustainability,” said Dr. Suzanne Simard. “This platform will provide resources for individuals and communities to work with us and take action to protect our invaluable forest ecosystems.”

“As the website evolves, we hope it will help foster a global community dedicated to caring for forests for the very long term,” added Dr. Jana Kotaska, Executive Director of MTN. “Like a mycorrhizal network, our aim is to connect communities together, and provide the knowledge, scientific research, and tools they seek to transition to regenerative forest stewardship. Ultimately, we hope to inspire and support conservation efforts at every level.”

The collaboration between MTN and MTP leverages the strengths of both initiatives in our united commitment to developing a deeper understanding of forest ecology and the urgent need to protect, restore, and better manage our vital forest ecosystems. MTN’s new website aims to bridge the gap between research and public engagement, inspiring a global movement toward regenerative forest stewardship and alternative forest economies.

For more information about MTN and to explore the new website, visit

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