3 thoughts on “The Mother Tree Newsletter – Issue 1

  1. Jill Doolan says:

    I just finished reading Suzanne’s beautiful book, “Finding the Mother Tree”, and I have to say it was a most thought provoking and powerful book I have read in a long time, bringing me to tears on several occasions. Suzanne’s research confirms Indigenous teachings about the sacred value of our forest communities, and I’m so grateful for her perseverance and passion for finding new ways to protect our forests and inspiring future generations to continue the work.

  2. Eileen Nauman says:

    Suzanne is our global MOTHER TREE for our time. She is the one (the indigenous people knew of the net of the forest) that brought this information BACK to the rest of us via scientific modus operandi reality of the 21st century to explain it to us in detail/scientific experiments/observation. She has paid a very heavy price to do this (Roundup, a deadly carcinogen that creates cancer) and we owe her so much in every way. My mother was a druid and at age 5 she was taking me into the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, teaching me about the trees, that you can talk with them, you can LEARN from them, and that they are just like two-leggeds (humans) in that regard….they are protective of us, they can literally, physically heal us, but they can heal on every level of a human: spiritual, emotional, mental as well as physical. They are our teachers if only we will listen to them, they guard the area where you live, and they will sometimes send you to another tree (an ancient one, another Mother Tree) for further education as we grow in heart and spirit connectedness to them and “all our relations.” I’ve written a book about how to approach them, as well as other things my mother taught me. I’m 76 years old now, and it took me seven years to write the book, to share my experiences/knowledge. I feel Suzanne is understanding, as all indigenous people know, that TREES are the guardian of Mother Earth and all her relations. Bless her for all she’s given, for it will do nothing up uplift the vibration, bring the forests into a vibrational frequency that will work with those of us who are “awake.”

  3. Iona Conner says:

    I just finished Suzanne’s brilliant, heartwarming book in preparation to start my new volunteer job as the Ocean County (New Jersey) Coordinator for the Old-Growth Forest Network. Although I have always loved trees, I honestly know nothing about old-growth forests but I’m learning and this book has taught me a LOT. Thank you, Suzanne!!!!

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