The Mother Tree Newsletter – Issue 2

This is the second in a series of newsletters highlighting the work we are doing. Planning for the 2021 field season is now underway and most of the crew from last summer will be back for another field season this year. We have several new presentations to share with you as well as highlights from a newly submitted journal article.

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13 thoughts on “The Mother Tree Newsletter – Issue 2

  1. Joe Gardner says:

    I just finished reading Finding the Mother Tree. I got it at the Purcellville, VA library. It was recommended by the Washington Post. Awesome book! I assume the Project has “insiders” with policy makers. I consider that to be the only way to make real changes.
    Suzanne, I hope your health is allowing you to really look into the future. Looking at the website I see you have lots to help.

  2. Jane Rose says:

    Is there any similar work being done near eastern NC? I am seeking to restore the land next to me where the forest was clear cut 2 years ago and extend the forest into the adjoining land that was field. I have read Finding the Mother Tree and loved it, but was left wondering how to best plant a forest.

    • doug siddens says:

      Hello Jane
      I’ve started a Meetup group “Hillsborough NC Permaculture”. We can connect there. I’m working on two acres.

  3. Doug Graham says:

    I would like to know what tree combinations Dr Simard has learned cooperate best with each other besides birch and fir. Is there a paper describing this? Thank you. D)

  4. Susan Caruso says:

    I just finished this fantastic book. I too, am a daughter of a lumber man and I feel such a connection to the forest. it’s must-read for anyone who wants the planet to survive and thrive.

  5. Joy Ruppersburg says:

    WOW! Greetings from Northern California USA where we are grateful for you and your team’s work! You book has just arrived and I’m reading it with wonder, learning from each page.
    I sent copies to friends who are retired foresters; they too appreciate your work.
    Wishes for good health and continued with The Mother Tree Project.
    Gratitude from Joy and the pack in NORCAL

  6. Susan McCabe says:

    I hold this book as sacred, and i broke my book’s spine in loving it so much and underlining and putting hearts. I teach ecopoetics, and I am assigning this book, and trying to figure out what we as poets can do in the forests. I would love to bring a group of Phd Students studying with me at USC in Creative Writing who are eco-poets, attuned to ecobereavment and hungry to help. The poet Brenda Hillman has tried reading poems to trees and with trees; perhaps our study could be what spots –we know of course Mother tree will have the best air—but what we could read to and hear back from the trees… if they speak at all, they speak poetry. I may try to get an NEH If there are ecologists out there wanting to join with poets let me know; and also if I might think of taking my USC may-master 2022 class to one of the recovering rainforests….

  7. Suzanne Wright Crain says:

    I cried when I finished Suzanne’s book “Finding the Mother Tree.” It is such an interesting and inspiring journey. How do I apply this research and knowledge to my own stewardship practices in central Kentucky, USA? I would love to walk through the forrest with any of your team. Thank you so much for your wisdom, research and vision.

  8. Michael Vernon says:

    I notice questions posted don’t have answers. Since there are so many questions that would benefit from comment… How are these questions answered?

  9. Ginny says:

    I heard about this project on Krista Tippett’s podcast On Being. Thrilled to learn about it, as I have worked to save trees in our neighborhood for years. Homeowners have to get permission to take down trees, and you would be amazed and disappointed at the reasons!
    I’m looking forward to reading your book, filling me with new wisdom to share with the community.
    Many thanks to the team and funders for making this work possible.

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