UBC forestry professor Suzanne Simard named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world for 2024

When UBC Faculty of Forestry professor Suzanne Simard first heard she had been named one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world for 2024, she didn’t believe it was real.

A couple of days later however the forest ecologist from humble B.C. beginnings realized the distinction was the real thing and her name had been added to a list that included luminaries like actor and advocate Michael J. Fox, fellow Canadian scientist and professor Yoshua Bengio, and Brazilian environment and climate change leader Marina Silva, to name a few.

UBC Forestry Speaks to Estonian Mycorrhizal Community at University of Tartu

Earlier this year, researchers in mycorrhizal ecology and various other disciplines from the University of Tartu in Estonia defied the constraints of vast distances by inviting UBC Faculty of Forestry’s Dr. Suzanne Simard to speak to their community. Dr. Simard was encouraged to share insights from her extensive body of research, past and present, and serve as an opponent in a Ph.D. defense of Sanni Färkkilä.

Dr. Suzanne Simard Teaching New UBC Course Offering Climate Crisis Solutions

Photo of Dr. Suzanne Simard

Dr. Suzanne Simard is finding new ways to empower citizen scientists with answers to tackling climate challenges. Starting in January 2024, Dr. Simard and her teaching team will roll out a new UBC online course that showcases how forests can provide natural solutions to climate change and social well-being.

In Conversation with B.C. Artist & Mother Tree Illustrator Anneke Rosch

Photo of Anneke Rosch

Understanding environmental concepts that impact everything from the connection between banana slugs and wildfires to forest policy can be so much more easily accomplished when editorial illustrations are used to aid the comprehension process. We have noted B.C. artist Anneke Rosch, a graphic illustrator for the Mother Tree Network, an extension of UBC Forestry’s Mother Tree Project, here to answer your burning questions!